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I have an ASP.NET C# page, with image thumbnails in it.
I created a script that opens a jQuery UI Dialog on each hover on a thumbnail that shows me the thumbnail in larger size in a dialog view, and when I hover out - dialog closes.
My little annoying problem is, that in every mouseover (trigger dialog to open) - the page makes itself 'longer' - a scrollbar appears on the side of the browser, and it seems like the page gets longer when a dialog is openning, but it shouldn't do so.
When I hover off (mouseout) - the dialog disappears and the page returns to its normal state.
Because of this- when I hover through the thumbnails, my page 'jumps'.
I looked for a solution for this, and I've added return false; for each dialog open, and close - and it still doesn't make any different.
Sorry for the unperfect english, and thanks for all helpers!

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I've had the same issue but hadn't gotten around to research and tackle the problem. My guess is that it could possibly be solved with a style change but, again, I haven't taken time to follow through on that idea. I'm eager to read answers to your question. – gurun8 May 17 '10 at 4:51

I finally got my solution - for all interested:

open: function(event, ui){  
    * Scrollbar fix   

I added this to dialog's opening event and it fixed the issue!

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This totally worked for me as well. Thanks for posting your solution. – gurun8 May 17 '10 at 19:38

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