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I have to generate an email at end of the day (daily-status) which is templated. I have add tasks to different list and on the top, I have to have count of these tasks such as:

X Tasks: 2 of 5
Y Tasks: 3 of 5

X Tasks:

  1. X Task 1
  2. X Task 2

Y Tasks:

  1. Y Task 1
  2. Y Task 2
  3. Y Task 3

I don't want write code in .NET etc. Is there anyway to script outlook to update numbers above when I change the list contents automatically. Or even better, if an input box can take input for each list contents and generate the email

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You could do this with a Custom Outlook form that then generates an email. I can all be done with VBScript inside the form.

I would sugesst a good place to start is to look at http://www.outlookcode.com/article.aspx?ID=35


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Thanks, it seems that I can get it done using Outlook forms. –  Omer Akhter May 18 '10 at 4:42

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