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my challenge is to built a video portal, based on wordpress (blog already started). so in the backend there must be a option to add, tag, descripe videos and in frontend the videos must have a comment function, must be searchable and so on.

wordpress gives already a large amout of functionallity and i want to use this, comments for example, but also categorisation and tagging.

what is the best practise to built such a "plugin" ? where to start? what to use?

custom tables and built everything by myself or can i use the blog functionallity to advantage?

hopefully everything is clear, comment if not ;)

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Take a look at VideoPress.

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something like that yes, but we need to built it ourself. its not exaclty what i need. i have to built a page (frontend) where you can see, the most seen, the newest, the top10 and so on. – choise May 17 '10 at 7:09

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