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My JSON string looks like this,

[{"id" : "38","heading" : "Can you also figure out how to get me back the 10 hours I
sp.....","description" : "Im having a very similar problem with the Login control - again it always generates a default style containing border-collapse - only in this case .....","img_url" : "~/EventImages/EventImages1274014884460.jpg","catogory" : "News","doe" : "15-05-2010 "},

{"id" : "40","heading" : "How to remove the border of each row (from the gridview cont.....","description" : "How to remove the border of each row (from the gridview control). ? I set borderWidth to 0, and the borders are not displayed with IE, but the top a.....","img_url" : "~/EventImages/EventImages1274028613023.jpg","catogory" : "News","doe" : "15-05-2010 "},

{"id" : "41","heading" : "Realmac Software | How to fix FancyZoom popup? (pops up behi.....","description" : "The first thing we need is an options dialog, not only to make it easier for the user, but also because later we will want to launch this dialog from .....","img_url" : "~/EventImages/EventImages1274037688120.jpg","catogory" : "News","doe" : "15-05-2010 "},

{"id" : "42","heading" : "hi jacon
dsadddaddddddddddddddd","description" : "hi jacon
This is a little messy because the clientHeight/Width properties can mean different things in different browsers, and even different thi.....","img_url" : "~/EventImages/EventImages1274041211533.jpg","catogory" : "News","doe" : "15-05-2010 "}

But get the error,

unterminated string literal....


I used this but it didn't work,

 var newjson = cfreturn( """" & ToString( HfJsonValue ).ReplaceAll( "(['""\\\/\n\r\t]{1})", "\\$1" ) & """" ) ;
 var jsonObj = eval('(' + newjson + ')');

Error: missing ) after argument list

Source Code:

var newjson = cfreturn( """" & ToString( HfJsonValue ).ReplaceAll( "(['""\\\/\n\r\t]{1})", "\\$1" ) & """" ); 


There is a ' mark in JSON string that causes the problem... any suggestion

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does any of the content include quotes or double quotes? are they escaped? – Mauro May 17 '10 at 7:22
Are you absolutely positive that there is no ' in the first "Im" in the description field? Depending on where you look up the JSON string (Firebug, for example) it might be cleaned for you, so you never see the problem... – Tomas Lycken May 17 '10 at 7:24
possible duplicate of What is wrong in this json string? – Mitch Dempsey May 17 '10 at 7:24
Check that you are using ASCII " and not some UTF-8 or other quotation marks. Because this seams good to me... – Cipi May 17 '10 at 7:25
vote unclose: the other question has been deleted. – nickf May 17 '10 at 7:27
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After playing around with JSONLint, I found the following two problems:

  1. Newlines need to be escaped with \\n.
  2. You're missing the terminal ].
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By fixing the line breaks and adding the closing ] it parses correctly. – Blair McMillan May 17 '10 at 8:53

It's most likely to be caused by an unescaped linebreak in there somewhere. In the example, there's linebreaks everywhere, though I assume they were added for formatting purposes.

If you do have linebreaks, either replace them with "\n" or put "\" at the end of the line:

var x = "multi \n line \n string";
var y = "multi\

// this causes the "unterminated string literal" error.
var z = "multi
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look at my edit – bala3569 May 17 '10 at 7:32

You should try to escape all special characters including \n which is generally the cause of such error.

Take a look at this blog post

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Wherever you are getting the JSON is generating invalid JSON.

Cleaning it up is less than trivial and is approaching the problem from the wrong direction.

Solve the problem at the source.

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You can try the example below.

<script type="text/javascript">

        var newjson = "{'id' : '38','heading' : 'Can you also figure out how to get me back the 10 "
        + "hours I sp.....','description' : 'Im having a very similar problem with the "
        + "Login control - again it always generates a default style containing border "
        + " -collapse -only in this case .....','img_url' : '~/EventImages/"
        + "EventImages1274014884460.jpg','catogory' : 'News','doe' : '15-05-2010 '}";

        var jsonObj = eval('(' + newjson + ')');


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That stray quote mark should be escaped automatically. Are you generating the json yourself? If so I would strongly recommend using a json library for whatever language you are working with to generate it for you, otherwise you will keep running into increasingly obscure versions of this problem.

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