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I am developing an application using cakePHP v 1.3 on windows (XAMPP).

Most of the controllers are baked with the admin routing enabled. I want to secure the admin actions of every controller with a login page. How can I do this without repeating much ?

One solution to the problem is that "I check for login information in the admin_index action of every controller" and then show the login screen accordingly.
Is there any better way of doing this ?

The detault URL to admin (http://localhost/app/admin) is pointing to the index_admin action of users controller (created a new route for this in routes.php file)


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Use the Authentication component. You can set it up just for admin routes with something like this:

// AppController::beforeFilter
function beforeFilter() {
    if (isset($this->params['prefix']) && $this->params['prefix'] == 'admin') {

Checking only in the index actions is pointless, that's just obscurity, not security. The AuthComponent will check permissions for every single page load.

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:-) Thanks deceze. You're right checking in the index action is pointless that is why I posted my question here because I was sure that I will get an expert and perfect answer. Thanks once again. – Gaurav Sharma May 17 '10 at 7:39

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