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I have a Lotus Domino server with a truly astounding number of Domino databases on it, arranged in various folders.

Is there some means of exporting a list of all these databases, with their titles and creators' names, in a spreadsheet format of some kind? I have the Domino Admin and Domino Designer software, and I have or can get whatever access rights I'd need.

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You'd think there'd be a way in the Domino Admin, but there's no way to export the list. So, your best bet I think is to use the Domain Catalog database. To build it, go into the server configuration doc > Server Tasks > and turn on the Domain Catalog. Then the catalog.nsf database will be built and will contain all the databases in your domain. You can customize the views to include the information you need.

Then finally, you can go into a view, select all the documents and click Edit > Copy Selected As Table. Then paste that into a spreadsheet.

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That'll work. Thanks! –  Will Wagner Nov 12 '08 at 19:28

Actually, you can use a very simple Lotuscript agent to connect to a server and walk through all databases on the server, using the NotesDbDirectory class. Here is some code, modified slightly from what's in the 6.5 Help files - this dumps the title and path of all databases to a csv file. Note: the one argument to the GetFirstDatabase method let's you specify which objects on the server you want to scan - 1247 is the constant for "Databases" - basically, all NSF files. There are other constants for finding templates only (NTF's), only database with replication enabled, etc.

Sub Initialize
    Dim db As NotesDatabase
    Dim f As Integer
    f = Freefile
    Open "c:\dbExport.csv" For Output As #f

    Dim dbdir As New NotesDbDirectory("")  ' opens LOCAL - put a server name here
    Set db = dbdir.GetFirstDatabase(1247)  ' all databases - NSF, NSG and NSH (no templates)
    While Not(db Is Nothing)
    	Print #f, """" + db.Title + """, """ + db.FileName + """"
    	Set db = dbdir.GetNextDatabase
    Close #f
End Sub
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