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Is there a robust way to detect if Thread.currentThread() is the Android system UI thread in an application?
I would like to put some asserts in my model code that asserts that only one thread (eg the ui thread) accesses my state, to assure that no kind of synchronization is necessary.

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Common practice to determine the UI Thread's identity is via Looper#getMainLooper:

if (Looper.getMainLooper().getThread() == Thread.currentThread()) {
  // On UI thread.
} else {
  // Not on UI thread.
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stackoverflow.com/questions/11411022/… This answer is nice too) –  UnknownJoe Feb 6 at 20:58

I think that best way is this:

 if (Looper.getMainLooper().equals(Looper.myLooper())) {
     // UI thread
 } else {
     // Non UI thread
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Works great. Thank you! –  Hong Aug 17 '12 at 19:44
Better with equals, thank you ! –  Marek Sebera Oct 18 '13 at 7:07

Couldn't you use the runOnUiThread method in the Activity class?See..


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My application is working, but, it has several authors and is becomming rather big and complex. What I want to do is to add an extra safety net, an assert that catches the misstake if somebody is calling a method that is designed to only be called from the GUI-thread from another thread. –  ParDroid May 17 '10 at 12:30

Besides checking looper, if you ever tried to logout thread id in onCreate(), you could find the UI thread(main thread) id always equals to 1. Therefore

if (Thread.currentThread().getId() == 1) {
    // UI thread
else {
    // other thread
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I cannot find any official documentation that corroborates that this is true, and will always be so. Do you have a link? –  Chris Nash Jan 10 at 21:33
This is what I found in logcat when I want to monitor multi-thread behavior. You can try to output thread id –  yushulx Jan 11 at 1:45
I would strongly recommend against this, as this value may be specific to your device and/or version of Android. Even if it were the case on every Android device right now, there is no guarantee that it will continue to be the case in later versions. Saving the thread ID in a class member when running onCreate() seems a little more reasonable to me. –  personne3000 Jul 9 at 14:33

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