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I'm developing a Qt application. For each class, I'm trying to mimic the framework, such as error() and errorString() method, use of Private implementation.

But I would like to add a per class debugging:

  • Set a macro to the desired level of debug,
  • have a macro or a function that knows the level of debug, and use qDebug() or qWarning() which is class independant, and will know the current class's name (for some pretty prints)

Anyone have a good idea to implement this ?

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You may write a class, for example CDebug with all needed debug methods, and use it in other classes, like:

class CMyDialog : public QDialog, public CDebug {...};
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That's an interesting point. So I could implement a set of methods: setDebugLevel(), debug(int level), warn(int level) –  dzen May 17 '10 at 11:36
@dzen Yes. I used on my previous project such a practice... –  mosg May 17 '10 at 11:51

Maybe the QxtLogger class, part of the Qxt library (an extension library for Qt) provides what you need.

I would definitely consider using something already existing and tested rather than implementing my own logging solution.

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+1 - grab something off of the shelf for logging. I would recommend reading through the source. It is a good learning experience. –  D.Shawley May 17 '10 at 12:16

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