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What version of jquery that richfaces(3.3.3.CR1) supports. How to find it?

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Richfaces uses the $ variable for something else, so you can't use it for jQuery. Instead you have to use the jQuery keyword. Therefore to find the version, use:


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When viewing any webpage that has jQuery you can enter the following into your Firebug/Web Inspector console to be told the version:


For example, Stack Overflow is using 1.3.2

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Iam getting this error for this query $.fn.jquery TypeError: Cannot read property 'jquery' of undefined What does it mean? – Achaius May 18 '10 at 6:18
That means jQuery has not been defined and therefore is not being used on the site you are testing on. – akamike May 18 '10 at 10:12
@Kalpana try as "jQuery.fn.jquery" on firebug console. $.fn.jquery does not work on some pages. – SomaSekhar Jul 9 '12 at 10:18

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