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I have 3 files: /a/A.java /a/aa/AA.java /b/B.java and B.java depends on A.java and AA.java.

I basically want javac -classpath /a /b/B.java to work (i.e. have javac search below /a). Is there any way I can do this?

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The short answer is no, that's not how classpath directories work.

Each classpath directory is regarded as the root of a package structure. Each package is a directory within the root. So, javac will do so automatically if aa is a package directory and a is the root. You're classes would look like this:


class A {}


package aa;
class AA {}


package b;
import aa.AA;

class B {
  private AA aaInstance;
  private A aInstance;

Because A has no package, it's placed in the root package.

Otherwise, you have to set each source dir explicitly.

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