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There are several examples of using MEF to plugin whole controller/view packages into a MVC application, but i didn't found one, using MEF to plugin funcional parts, used by other controllers.

For example, think of a NewsService with a simple interface like

interface INewsService
    List<NewsItem> GetAllNews();

That gets news wherever he wants, and returns them in a List of NewsItems. My page should load an exported INewsService and show the news on the page.

But there is the problem. I cant just use [Import] in the controllers, as they are just created when they are needed.

Edit: (Importing them to the main MVCApplication class doesn't work, becouse i cant access it from the controllers.) I think i found a way to access the main app via HttpContext.ApplicationInstance. But the Service object in this instance is null although it was created successfully in the Application_Start() method. Any idea why?

So, how can i access the NewsService from within a controller?

Thanks in advance, Marks

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You need to create a MEF ControllerFactory, which will use a MEF CompositionContainer to create a controller with its imports satisfied. Then you can just put an INewsService import on your controller.

Here is a sample which shows how you can do this.

EDIT: Here's another sample which looks a little bit simpler.

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I dont like the way of adding a custom ControllerFactory, but it seems like the only good solution so far. –  Marks May 17 '10 at 14:53

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