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I have a text file with a series of commands each one is on a diferent line what I need to do is go through the text file line by line and for each line perform a set of operations. How would I loop through line by line?


Text file contains:
Apples and organes.log
monkies and zebras.log

script would grab line 1(johndoe.log)
create a new text file named johndoe.log
go to line two
create a new text file named apples and organes.log
etc... until the text file is complete

I know how to do everything except the loop that performs an operation on each line of the text file :(

and I know its oranges, typoed and went with it.

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Are we doing your homework? –  Mauro Nov 12 '08 at 19:09
Kinda sounds like it. But I'd fire a teacher that was instructing in VB6 at this late date. –  Will Nov 12 '08 at 19:10
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In classic VB6:

Dim LineData as String
Dim FileHandle as Integer

FileHandle = FreeFile
Open "C:\Test.txt" For Input As #FileHandle
Do While Not EOF(FileHandle)
    Line Input #FileHandle, LineData
    ' Do whatever with LineData
Close #FileHandle

Or you can look at the FileSystemObject

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I'm suddenly reliving my nightmares of eight years ago ... I'd managed to forget about the file handle syntax ... (Or maybe block it out?) FileSystemObject was SUCH an improvement! –  John Rudy Nov 12 '08 at 19:13
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