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I need to:
1. Monitor operations on certain drives/paths
2. Prevent read and/or write operations on certain drives/paths
For example:


Can this be done using Windows Filesystem Minifilter Drivers ?

I am mostly interested in step 2. In other words can a minifilter cancel a IRP ?

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Yes this is all possible with a filesystem mini filter driver.

For #1 you don't need a mini filter driver you could use a Win32 API like ReadDirectoryChangesW.

For #2 you can not only do that but you can also modify what gets read/written, even of different size.

You can get started here.

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ty. my reasons for using minifilters for 1. is that ReadDirectoryChangesW reports access operations delayed by 1d (xp) or 1h (vista+) –  clyfe May 17 '10 at 14:41

Raymond Chen, who is a long-time Windows developer, addressed a version of this question on his blog - he would recommend using ACLs for preventing operations rather than trying to get code to run to stop it. See his post on this for some thoughts...

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professional sollutions seem to use divers. also setting ACLs on endpoints programmatically is hard-ish, and setting ACLs on, say, USB Disks conditionally by serial number and other factors seems only doable by drivers. –  clyfe May 20 '10 at 19:34

I would suggest using Detours library to handle this task.

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