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I'm interested in recreating some of the ReportViewer functionality - possibly something via regular GridView or something similar.

My two main requirements:

  1. Pivot functionality - as seen on the ReportViewer matrix
  2. Standards based design - maybe adding ids/classes on the backend based on the results

Also - I will be pulling data form a db via a dataset so all I really would need to do is format the raw dataset into an intuitive pivot.

What's the best practice? Should this be even done in ASP.NET/C# or would SSRS/SQL be a better alternative?

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Why do you need to recreate some of the functionality? Isn't this reinventing the wheel somewhat? –  adolf garlic May 26 '10 at 20:22
I don't see this as reinventing the wheel as I want a standards compliant alternative that is highly customizable. As opposed to being tied down to the tag vomit that ReportViewer spits out. –  firedrawndagger May 27 '10 at 15:26

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