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I'm creating a config file to hold configuration/properties settings for my project that frequently change, such as file paths. What's the standard name/extension for such a file? (e.g. in Java I've used config.xml, in VB.NET I've used App.config...)

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First, consider using ConfigParser (configparser in 3.0, so the documentation says). That doesn't solve the naming problem, but it is a readable alternative to xml for most configuration needs.

Whatever name you use, make all the parts meaningful. I would probably use something like appName.cfg, where appName identifies your application, or the part of the application the configuration is for.

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Thanks! I am planning on using ConfigParser, was just wondering if there are any accepted or widely used naming conventions for the file –  froadie May 17 '10 at 15:17

Ok, I've asked around where I work and researched a little, and this is what I've come up with as suggestions:

  • settings.ini
  • applicationName.config
  • applicationName.cfg

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to add...

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The docs seem to use .cfg

On Windows, many people (such as mercurial) use .ini

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