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I've started to play with DGML, and I see in the schema that the Node element supports a Shape attribute.

I've tried things like <Node Shape='square'... with no effect.

Is Shape really supported in DGML?

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I don't appear to be able to get the shape attribute to affect anything either.

I assume you are using the new VS2010 viewer?

The following guide (which is a pretty handy reference, actually) does give this example:

Set the Shape property to None so that the icon replaces the shape. Use the Icon property to specify the location of the icon.

This does appear to work - setting shape="none" removes the shape.

It is likely that support for displaying different shapes has not been implemented in the viewer yet, so only 'none' makes any difference.

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For rectangles, you can use <Setter Property="NodeRadius" Value="0" />.

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You might consider reading:


about my DSL that maps some shapes to attributes (though there is no software there as yet) Shapes

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