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I'm working on my html project, and everything is going well.

Now I'm doing the same project with framesets, but I discovered that the page in a frame set won't scroll as a whole page (you can only scroll each frame at a time).

How can i solve this?

Please help

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It sounds like what you want is perhaps a static design around your scrolling content, correct?

If so, what you should actually do is make a single page (not a frameset) with your desired DIV layout (a good example can be found here), and then have your content div use CSS that will allow it to scroll (e.g. overflow:scroll;).

Hope this helps.

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Voted up! Primarily because I prefer your answer to mine - I was being lazy. ^_^ – Barrie Reader May 17 '10 at 16:26
Voted your comment up because that's awesome. ;) – Lance May May 17 '10 at 16:34

Don't use frames! I know this is a horrible answer to your question, but believe me - loads of peeps would agree!

If you can, use plain ol' CSS and NO FRAMES.

Also, there is rogue synchronised scrolling Javascripts floating around on the Interwebs - But I wouldn't use them. People who have Javascript off won't get that effect.

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