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What is the best way to replicate the update stream to a large (6TB) oracle db into another non-DBMS system? I don't need to "bulk load" the oracle db, but merely want to flow all updates into another home-grown system in near realtime (10s latency or less). Updates happen at the rate of 150 rows/second representing 10s of megabytes per second.

For clarity, let me emphasize that I am not replicating from one db to another. This is an application integration problem: I need to replicate from a db into an in-house, non-db application. I've thought of using an enterprise service bus, but that seems inappropriate.

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What do you mean by a 'non-DBMS system'? –  ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Nov 12 '08 at 19:55

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So you're wanting to implement a log based replication scheme that just pumps the transaction log off to a different file system? There are a number of commercial products that will let you do this, the better known ones being SharePlex and GoldenGate, plus there's even an open source one called Zizzy, but I can't say that I've tried it.

edit 1: if you're not wanting to feed the updates into another database, GoldenGate's Event-Driven Architecture provides a means to hook up the replication to a JMS message bus. For application integration, this is the option that I'd go for.

edit 2: if using a message bus isn't the way you want to go, the only other sensible alternative that I can see is to get your hands dirty and use Oracle's LogMiner API. IIRC, this is what Oracle uses for features like Streams and DataGuard and it's likely what most Change Data Capture solutions are based on, under the hood.

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I will take a look at these products. However, they don't quite seem like the right thing because the system receiving the updates is not a db and needs to read the replicated data; receiving the transaction logs would require that the logs be parsed in order to retrieve the data wouldn't it? –  doekman Nov 12 '08 at 23:37
Sorry, I thought you just wanted to back up the logs on a different file system. What do you want to do with them once they're on this 'other system'?? –  ninesided Nov 13 '08 at 1:28
The original database contains a hierarchy of information (a links to b, b links to c and d, etc.). The secondary system wants to represent the data in a large matrix in order to perform linear algebra. The feed is for moving the data (in near reatime) from the db into the linear algebra system. –  doekman Nov 14 '08 at 0:40
and this needs to be realtime? You can't just create a view that represents your matrix and query that? –  ninesided Nov 14 '08 at 22:12
also, you have to consider the "cost" of replication, unless you've got some nice hardware replicating over the network is going to throttle your write times –  ninesided Nov 14 '08 at 22:25

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