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In my project environment I have 2 projects.

MyApp & MyModule

MyApp loads MyModule. When it loads it attempts to get a class of type DisplayObject and add it to a container of itself.

The problem comes when I try to use a check box / radio button / progress bar.

The check box and radio button appear exactly like normal buttons, and the progress bar crashes:

"Instantiation attempted on a non-constructor."

Line 958 in ProgressBar.as

if (!_barMask)
            if (FlexVersion.compatibilityVersion >= FlexVersion.VERSION_3_0)
                var barMaskClass:Class = getStyle("maskSkin");
                _barMask = new barMaskClass(); // CRASH!!
                _barMask = new UIComponent();

            _barMask.visible = true;
            UIComponent(_bar).mask = DisplayObject(_barMask);

Does anyone know how to use controls in a module correctly?

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The answer is here:


The module needs to be loaded into the application domain.

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