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I know it is possible in Joomla! to set the template temporarily to another template with an URL parameter. What is the parameter? And how should the template be indicated? I expect something like

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If you go to the template manager and click on one and then edit, there is a preview button where you can see it in a form in the browser. There is also a link there that says "Open in new window." When I click that it loads my site with this as the query "?tp=1&template=ja_purity"

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that's exactly the way I found out! :-) Furthermore 'tp=1' shows all the placeholders for the modules. – hsmit May 21 '10 at 6:42

Ahh... sorry, found it myself.

Lets share it:


I was using the template name as declared in the XML file, instead of using the directory in the template folder (/templates/directoryname)

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