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I have a database table (sql server 2008) that I want to view data for, what is the quickest way of displaying this data?

(if it could have paging that would be perfect).

Would it be a gridview or ?

query: select * from testData

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if you're using .NET 3.5 you could use ASP.NET Dynamic Data:


Hope this helps!

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via ADO.NET get your data into a DataSet or DataTable.


gridview.DataSource = yourDataTable;
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if its a web app, gridview control and use cache objects to hold data set... every time connecting to db is time consuming...

pros: performance cons: can't handle large tables unless you have server memory to handle it.

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Use LinqToSql and bind the results to a grid view.

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Gridview would be a perfect solution

you can have paging and sorting with that just by the properties AllowPaging="true" PageSize="##" AllowSorting="true" and if you want all the data and not just specific rows you can just do AutoGenerateColumns="true"

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can I embed the sql w/o doing codebhind? –  Brian Leahy Nov 12 '08 at 20:46
@Blankman if you use an objectdatasource to hold the query –  Josh Mein Nov 12 '08 at 21:51

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