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I need a Concurrent Hash Map with Weak or Soft keys were the equality is equals and not ==.

For this kind of keys, google collection chooses == by default.

Is there a way to override this choice? How should I proceed?

Best regards,


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Please modify the question to describe in detail what you are really trying to accomplish, not just a particular missing feature that you believe would help you do it. Thanks. – Kevin Bourrillion May 17 '10 at 21:30

You can't do that in google-collections. You can't do it in guava either, currently. However, they have added an Equivalence interface and the implementations you'd expect for it (equals, null-aware equals and ==) recently and it seems like they might allow you to specify what Equivalence should be used for keys/values in the future (see this issue). MapMaker code seems to be undergoing some changes at this time.

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You can use java.util.WeakHashMap, wrapped with a call to Collections.synchronizedMap()

It won't be as fast as a ConcurrentHashMap if thread contention is significant. But it has the behaviour you want.

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