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I have the ip and it's unique. I want to remove this tuple from contacts according to the ip and no need to name.

I just tried this contacts.remove((pass,ip)), but I encountered an error.

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pass is a statement, therefore it can't be used in an expression this way. And None is an actual value, so it also won't work. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams May 17 '10 at 23:10
contacts = [(name, ip) for name, ip in contacts if ip != removable_ip]


for x in xrange(len(contacts) - 1, -1, -1):
    if contacts[x][1] == removable_ip:
        del contacts[x]
        break # removable_ip is allegedly unique

The first method rebinds contacts to a newly-created list that excludes the desired entry. The second method updates the original list; it goes backwards to avoid being tripped up by the del statement moving the rug under its feet.

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Since the ip to remove is unique, you don't need all the usual precautions about modifying a container you're iterating on -- thus, the simplest approach becomes:

for i, (name, anip) in enumerate(contacts):
  if anip == ip:
    del contacts[i]
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This answers my not created question. Thanks for the explanation, but let me summarize and generalize the answers for multiple deletion and Python 3.

list = [('ADC', 3),
        ('UART', 1),
        ('RemoveMePlease', 42),
        ('PWM', 2),
        ('MeTooPlease', 6)]

list1 = [(d, q)
         for d, q in list
         if d not in {'RemoveMePlease', 'MeTooPlease'}]


for i, (d, q) in enumerate(list):
    if d in {'RemoveMePlease', 'MeTooPlease'}:


The corresponding help topic

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