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All references that I find for lazy loading say it's possible but they all mention POCOs and that's it. I am using EF4 with the model-first methodology. In my model diagram I have a Project table and a UserObject table, with a 1 to many relationship between them. However, in code, when I have a valid UserObject and I attempt to get the project performing: Project prj = userobj.Project. Unfortunately, this doesn't work as it claims that UserObject.Project is null.

It seems like I have to explicitly load the Project object via calling UserObject.ProjectReference.Load() prior to calling .Project. Is there any way for this to occur automatically when I access the .Project property?

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This should work just fine. Right click on the EDMX, click Properties, check that Lazy loading enabled is set for the EDMX.

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I don't see a lazy loading option in any of the properties in the EDMX –  KallDrexx May 18 '10 at 0:25
Found it. Apparently my domain model project was set for .net 3.5. Setting it to 4.0 enabled this option! –  KallDrexx May 18 '10 at 1:06
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