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I'm using C# for a mini project of mine, I am trying to monitor files that are changed, Deleted, And/or created. And export that to a file. But I am not quite sure how to monitor files. Any ideas?

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You can use the FileSystemWatcher class to monitor file creation, modifications, deletions and renames.

You have the following events available:

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Yep, FileSystemWatcher will do this. Be careful what you wish for, because this thing watches everything!

Have a look here, it explains how you it can fire multiple events (eg when a file is moved, firing an OnChange and OnCreate

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you can only monitor one Directory with FSW, if you want more you may have to make multiple instances of FSW. It monitors the directory not the file; if the file is moved (changed+created; changed+renamed) then you need another FSW for that destination folder.

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