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I've been tasked with creating a magazine style app for iPad. Ideally it would look a little something like the Zinio app: . This app is effectively a shell, allowing you to sample magazines (eg. read the first few pages) and select them for download. The magazines appear to have some sort of overlay, allowing you to interact with some things (eg. tap to watch a video). A few questions that come to mind:

  1. How would I go about delivering content to the user? In-app purchases aren't really an option, as some content will need to be delivered for free. Is it possible to download a package and make this available within the application?
  2. What format would be suitable for displaying the magazine? Sequential images, PDF, ebook?
  3. I'll need to have some form of interactivity. I guess I could have some form of lookup table, which would include information such as if the user taps on this page, within these coordinates, then launch this item.

Anyone dealt with any similar issues?

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  1. If you want to sell the magazine editions within the app then you'll have to use in-app purchase, apple would not accept anything else. However, in-app purchase doesn't have a free purchase module, thus you'll have to probably design your app in the following way: a. It would ping a web-service, which would return all available magazines (free and paid) in JSON or XML format. b. The app would parse and display this response. c. If user tries to download the paid magazine, you do it through in-app purchase, else its directly downloaded.

  2. Its a tough question. Depends on what type of content you have, if its mostly text, then its better to use PDF, else images. Images could be heavy and tough to handle and might lead to buggy and crash prone app. (I am warning you in advance).

  3. As I mention in #a, you can fetch the info JSON from the server and save it in core-data/SQLITE DB or PLIST and do corresponding stuff. My Preference would be PLIST.

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I agree mostly with Vibhor's answer, but regarding format, I would still recommend using PDFs, if the party responsible for updating the content isn't technical. If you want to embed all sort of interactive content (links, videos) - PDF would be the easiest format to handle for content creators who are not developers. Other options include separate content management on the server that would sync with the app - but that would require more work (both for you and the content creators) than just uploading PDFs.

I recently used this project for building a PDF magazine, though it's not free it saved me a ton of time and was worth it in my opinion - iPad Newsstand starter kit. I tried adding performant support for rendering the content on my own and eventually decided to use a mature solution.

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