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I have a form with a drop down menu and I want to do a javascript action whenever the user changes the selection. I imagine it is possible find the input later, using javascript, and attach an event to to it; but it seems like it would be easier if there was some sort of attribute or option that could be defined in form->configure(): e.g.

$this->widgetSchema['menu'] = new sfWidgetFormChoice(array(
  'onclick' => javascript function

obviously this doesn't work, and it probably wouldn't be an onclick method either, but my question is how do you attach a javascript event to a input/widget?

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Every element that a form object creates should have an autogenerated id, which is usually in the form:


So how I do this, using jQuery as an example:

  alert('do some cool stuff with '+this.val());
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You can see it : How to use javascript in forms

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