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I made a table of contents using \tableofcontents Each section is made using \section yet when I do \subsection it is not listed in the table. How do I get it to list there? Thanks.

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Which document class are you using? I just tested it for article, and it works fine. In any case, try using this in the preamble:


Increase 2 if you want to list subsubsection, etc.

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Thanks a lot. Worked for me. I just put this line with {3} before \tableofcontents. –  wzbozon Sep 8 '12 at 12:10



to the preamble.

See: http://www.devdaily.com/blog/post/linux-unix/latex-setting-table-of-contents-toc-depth

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@WhirlWind and @Steve_Tjoa got it and helped me too! One thing though, whatever you set the tocdepth counter to, you may also want to set the secnumdepth.

so i used


as suggested by @Whirlwind but then the subsubsection in my Table of Contents wasn't numbered. so I added the following to get it to work (thanks to the following link where i found the answer http://www.latex-community.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2351#p9197 )

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