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I've taken over looking after a fairly complex site developed by another company, and frankly it's a mess. One of my problems is that there seems to have been no discipline when writing the html so that although they have used css extensively, there are half a dozen css files and a cursory analysis reveals that there is a significant number of styles in the css files that are not referenced by any of the html - rather they contain trail of false redesign starts and old, now redundant, styles mixed in with the current items.

I'd really like to clean all this up before moving onwards. Does there exists any tool, open source or otherwise, that can take a bunch of html and css files and cross reference them so as to highlight the cruft in the css?

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@Cruachan- I misread this.. my bad. –  keparo Nov 12 '08 at 21:42

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Try the Dust me Selectors plug in for Firefox.

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That looks awesome! Have you used it? –  Nathan Long Nov 12 '08 at 23:53
+1 great resource –  Jakub Nov 9 '09 at 14:23
I built a small bit of java code that takes the csv output from dust me, and removes those styles from specified style sheets, and outputs a clean css file. here: github.com/willwarren/cssclean –  Will Feb 27 '13 at 3:38

When you have the css organised into the separate stylesheets you can run the code through an online tool to tidy up the layout. Try one of these:

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Flattering. I programmed the first link posted above. –  Lonnie Best Feb 26 '10 at 2:36

dust me selectors has almost the same functionality that my jquery css cleaner has.

and it looks great

you can use my plugin if you dont have firefox.

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I believe there is! And I am using it all the time. In fact, there are 2 and I am going to share them both with you.

  1. If you want to generate CSS automatically from the markup online for free, then you need this: http://beecss.theextremewebdesigns.com/

  2. If you already have (messy) CSS & you would like to clean/minify it online for free, then you need this: http://beecss.theextremewebdesigns.com/css_clean_css_minify/

I prefer the above tools because I already evaluated other cleaners out there & I found that the others lack in functionality in some aspects. For example, some of the cleaners totally ignore multiple classes or just grab the first class. They forget that the following class will override the styles of the first class and hence it is very vital to have all the selectors & classes generated & available in the first place. I found only BeeCSS - CSS Generator to be doing an AWESOME job at this! Since then, I have bookmarked both the BeeCSS CSS Generator & BeeCSS Cleaner Minifier & use them in all my projects. I highly recommend them both.

Out of my experience, I have this solution for you.

  1. Simply copy your HTML to a new HTML page & save it. Then upload this HTML page at http://beecss.theextremewebdesigns.com/. That will give you only the selectors & classes that were actually used in the document. So if they had redundant styles in the CSS files, you can get rid of them easily this way.

  2. Then simply search for the classes & selectors that BeeCSS generated in your original CSS file & copy those styles over to the new CSS generated by BeeCSS. This way, you will make sure that your CSS will now have only the styles that are being used by the HTML document.

  3. After all the copy & paste that you have done in the above step, you will find that the appearance of the styles in the CSS may be messy. DONT start to manually clean them. I mean, don't try to fix the tabs, spaces, etc. Simply copy all the styles as they are into BeeCSS - Cleaner Minifier at http://beecss.theextremewebdesigns.com/css_clean_css_minify/ & then hit the "Clean CSS" button. That should give you the final result. It will contain only the selectors & classes that were actually used in the HTML document. If you want to reduce the size of the CSS, simply generate the minified version of your "New" css by copying the styles over in the BeeCSS Cleaner Miniifer & hit the "Minify CSS" button.

The above are the steps that I follow when I work on my projects & they work absolutely great for me. The awesomeness of BeeCSS lies in the fact that both the CSS Generator & Cleaner Minifier are totally free & easy to use & you can generate/clean CSS online within few seconds. You don't need to install any extensions, apps, etc. So you won't be loading your browser with clumsy extensions nor you would need to wait for hours to finish up the process. You will be done in seconds if you follow my instructions ( except for the styles copying part )

Hope that helps.

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There's a new CSS Scanner on sourceforge. It searches your css, html, aspx, php, javascript and jquery code for used and unused css/stylesheet selectors and classes. It might be exactly what you want. It's running under Windows (since it's .net code). This is it's url if you want to have a look: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cssscanner/

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