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HI everyone,

I was asked to develop a complaint/suggestion management system, I was wondering if anybody has an idea about what features should be there, if there is an already made system that i can view its documentation to help that will be great


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My company uses Web Help Desk. It has a really nice interface and is really complete. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should implement really nice printing CSS to get good looking hard copies of tickets. Your support team will love you for that :)

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Thanks, this was really helpful – Omar May 18 '10 at 9:57

You can have a look at google moderator for ideas:

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How about SalesForce?

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Record the number of complaints/suggestions made by an individual and display the total on each ticket. Frequent complainers can perhaps have a little less weight given to their complaints... frequent suggesters are obviously volunteering to implement suggestions :-)

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I think you can also add the categorization mechanism to seep up the analysis. Then you be able to see how many people complained about a particular thing or how many people wish to have a particular feature.

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You can use Zendesk. IMO,it's the best customer service platform.

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