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I have built a web-app for iphone using iUi framework. As you may already know, mobile safari doesn't support file upload form element. My application allows school administrators to do classroom walk-throughs, marking off what they see in the classroom (in web form survey). I would like to add the ability for them to upload a picture taken with their iPhone or Touch into the mysql database using php or other technologies.

How can I do this without going 'Native'?

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does Safari completely remove the "file" input form from forms??? I guess it makes sense, since you cannot open a file browser in your iphone...

Have you tried with the php PEAR Upload package? maybe you could trick it by using a text input form, but then your users would probably have to enter the full file path manually, which might be complicated and confusing...

From what I see here, it looks like you can only do it via connecting your iphone to a pc....

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