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I'm starting to use NHiberante as a dataaccess tier.
I'm used to work with the repository model as a business model.

This means, my domain model (not really a tier), my application tier, my repository tier which finally uses my dataaccess tier.

But with what I've learned by now (on NHibernate) I know that many logic is done within an ISession so I was wondering if NHibernate could be used within the repository tier.

Or perhaps there are even better ways to use NHibernate. Does anyone know where I could find a propriate example of how to use NHibernate in an webapplication?

Cheers, M.

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S#arp Architecture is a complete example or a Web architecture using NHibernate.

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You can use Nhibernate with Linq extension. By using Linq, you can write your logic in your service layer and repository only get items IQuerable.

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