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I can not distinguish these two. Please help!

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Defines the targets that must be executed before the target can be executed.

<Target Name="DependsOn" DependsOnTargets="DependencyTarget1;DependencyTarget2">
  <Message Text="Target : DependsOn"/>

<Target Name="DependencyTarget2">
  <Message Text="Target : DependencyTarget2"/>

<Target Name="DependencyTarget1">
  <Message Text="Target : DependencyTarget1"/>

> Target : DependencyTarget1
> Target : DependencyTarget2
> Target : DependsOn

BeforeTargets and AfterTargets (Only available in MSBuild 4)

Indicates that the target should run before or after the specified target or targets.

<Target Name="BeforeAndAfter">
  <Message Text="Target : BeforeAndAfter"/>

<!-- BeforeTarget1 will run BEFORE target "BeforeAndAfter" -->
<Target Name="BeforeTarget" BeforeTargets="BeforeAndAfter">
  <Message Text="BeforeTarget run before : BeforeAndAfter"/>

<!-- BeforeTarget1 will run AFTER target "BeforeAndAfter" -->
<Target Name="AfterTarget" AfterTargets="BeforeAndAfter">
  <Message Text="AfterTarget run after : BeforeAndAfter"/>

> BeforeTarget run before : BeforeAndAfter
> Target : BeforeAndAfter
> AfterTarget run after : BeforeAndAfter
  • If you have multiples targets that should run before or after the same specified target, they will be executed in declaration order :

    <Target Name="BeforeAndAfter">
      <Message Text="Target : BeforeAndAfter"/>
       BOTH BeforeTarget1 and BeforeTarget2 should run before target "BeforeAndAfter"
    <Target Name="BeforeTarget1" BeforeTargets="BeforeAndAfter">
      <Message Text="BeforeTarget1 run before : BeforeAndAfter"/>
    <Target Name="BeforeTarget2" BeforeTargets="BeforeAndAfter">
      <Message Text="BeforeTarget2 run before : BeforeAndAfter"/>

BeforeTargets and AfterTargets could be use to extend existing build process.

For example, with this attributes you can easily execute a target before CoreCompile (defines in Microsoft.CSharp.targets). Without that you'll have to override the property CoreCompileDependsOn.

Without AfterTargets you have no way to easily execute a target after another one if no extension point is defined (CallTarget at the end of the target with a property that you can override)

DependsOnTargets, BeforeTargets and AfterTargets execution order?

When DependsOnTargets, BeforeTargets and AfterTargets are used on the same target, the order of execution is :

  • DependsOnTargets
  • BeforeTargets
  • The target
  • AfterTargets

    <Target Name="MainTarget" DependsOnTargets="DefaultDependsOn">
      <Message Text="Target : MainTarget"/>
    <Target Name="DefaultDependsOn">
      <Message Text="Target : DefaultDependsOn"/>
    <Target Name="DefaultBeforeTarget" BeforeTargets="MainTarget">
      <Message Text="Target : DefaultBeforeTarget"/>
    <Target Name="DefaultAfterTarget" AfterTargets="MainTarget">
      <Message Text="Target : DefaultAfterTarget"/>
    > Target : DefaultDependsOn
    > Target : DefaultBeforeTarget
    > Target : MainTarget
    > Target : DefaultAfterTarget
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DependsOnTarget - let's assume that you have two tasks: 1 - Build Project, 2 - Copy all content. You can start your build by executing task 2 and then in task declaration define it's dependencies. So if you define that task 2 depends on task 1 build process will start and execute task 1 and then 2.

AfterTargets - much simpler means only tasks which are execute after other targets. So taking the example from above - after Task 1 - build project execute task 2.

I hope this helps

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