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I need to represent floats in jTable formatted. When I do tbl.model.add_row [obj, 1.3524632478].to_java, obj is represented as it's to_s method's return value, but float do not. Overriding float's to_s method does nothing. I want floats to be formatted like this class Float def to_s sprintf("%.2f", self) end end in all my tables.

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I would surmise that it's due to the default TableCellRenderer used calling java.lang.Float.toString(some_float) rather than some_float.to_s. So in addition to what you've already done with Float's to_s, add these:

class MyCellRenderer < Java::JavaxSwingTable::DefaultTableCellRenderer::UIResource
    def setValue(value)
        setText(value.nil? ? "" : value.to_s)
my_cell_renderer = MyCellRenderer.new

# This to set it globally
my_table.setDefaultRenderer(java.lang.Object, my_cell_renderer)

# Or this to set it for specific columns only
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Ruby classes are converted to java classes when rows being vectorized. I added to_s method to java's Float class and its OK

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