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I have this scenario

onResume of an activity:

    protected void onResume() {
        if (adapter1!=null) adapter1.notifyDataSetChanged();
        if (adapter2!=null) adapter2.notifyDataSetChanged();
        if (adapter3!=null) adapter3.notifyDataSetChanged();

Adapter has been defined as:

public class ListCursorAdapter extends SimpleCursorAdapter {

   Cursor c;
    /* (non-Javadoc)
     * @see android.widget.CursorAdapter#onContentChanged()
    protected void onContentChanged() {
        // this is not called
        if (c!=null) c.requery();

And the onContentChanged event is not fired, although the onResume and the call to the adapter is issued. What is wrong?

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The onContentChanged method will be called when the ContentObserver on the cursor receives a change notification.

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So in this case, what've I missed? How do I issue the requery? –  Pentium10 May 18 '10 at 11:44
AFAIK, there isn't any function which will directly requery the cursor. You can write a function in your adapter as requery which will requery the cursor and call notifyDataSetChanged from there. –  Karan May 18 '10 at 12:00

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