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I always find my self in trouble with a lot of namespace or reference errors when trying to rename a project in VS.

This is how I do it: I click on the project and press F2 and rename it.

What procedure do you guys follow?

I used to work in Eclipse, and there I don't have the problems. Maybe it's easy in VS too and it's just me.

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Renaming the assembly should not be an issue, unless you have external projects depending on it. Within the same solution, it will carry on working correctly.

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I have a project called "DatabaseAccessLayer" and lets say I change it too "DatabaseAccessLayer2", alle the namespaces for alle the classes in that project doesn't change but remain "namespace DatabaseAccessLayer...". And ofcourse it's the same thing for my Entity model. –  radbyx May 18 '10 at 10:39
There is no easy way to rename namespaces that I know of. Unless some VS addins do it for you. You can try, carefully, find and replace using regular expressions. –  Jacques Bosch May 18 '10 at 10:51

In the properties for the project, I can set "Assembly name" and "Default namespace", I think it's what I've been look for. I assumed that the namespace was automatically renamed also in that proces.

If i'm still missing something, let me know so I can accept your answer.

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Try highlighting the root namespace in one of your files, and then hitting F2 and typing the new one in. This will perform a Refactor->Rename (also available via contextual menu), which should change that root namespace in all your files. Then, setting "Default Namespace" and renaming your project should take care of the rest.

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