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there are three (open) questions about the internationalization of GWT, I have:

1) Is it a (huge) performance issue, to use only "Messages" for constant and parameterized text (that's possible), where you would use both "Messages" and "Constants" usually?

2) Is there a way to specify the original text in the source code, whose translations can then be specified somewhere? (e.g. Translate("Hello") in the source code and than in a properties file for e.g. spanish: Hello = ¡Hola!)

3) Do you know any translation-tools, which generate the properties and interfaces for you?

Thanks in Advance!

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1) I am not aware of any performance issues with Messages vs Constants. Since all code ends up as fairly optimized JavaScript anyway, it would seem like a minimal issue to me.

2) You can use the DefaultMessage annotation:

String hello();

In this case, if no corresponding translation file is found, the default message is used.

3) i18nCreator

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thanks very much! for 3) do you know a GUI or something, where you just type in the translations, without handling the properties and interface files. – blub May 18 '10 at 12:37
I have not yet heard of such a tool, could be nice though :) – Eric Eijkelenboom May 19 '10 at 7:14

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