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I am looking for information on using mstscax.dll in VB. The goal is to create a utility that logs into a remote service in the same manner as remote desktop. However, my utility is not required to show the desktop.

I have a series of commands that I will start off with that will look for users, reset logins, shadow, and message. I have been using a batch file on my RDP to perform these functions, but we are already looking for more functionality and power than what the batch commands can offer.

I am googling 'mstscax.dll' but the results have been less than satisfactory although I continue to search. Does anyone have any good references? Is this even going to be possible?

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If you are looking to list or perform operations on remote desktop sessions, you might find the Cassia library helpful. The library can list users logged on to a server, disconnect or logoff sessions, shadow sessions, and display message boxes in a session, among other things. (Note that the shadowing functionality requires a pre-release version of the library available on the project's build server -- use the artifacts link.)

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Very nice. I'll look into it a little more. But at this point, looks like Cassia will be what I'm looking for. Regardless, yes, the functions you listed are exactly what I'm looking to do. – IAbstract May 29 '10 at 19:16

I think you're supposed to use the msrdp.ocx control rather than that dll, though I've personally never used either so can't say for sure.

Edit: Add link

Here's a codeproject article about automating RDP:

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