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I have a WSGI app that I would like to place behind SSL. My WSGI server is gevent.

What would a good way to serve the app through SSL in this case be?

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It looks like gevent now has an ssl module. If you have a web server implemented on top of gevent, I imagine you could modify it to wrap incoming connections with that module's ssl socket class before passing it on to the http handlers.

Otherwise, you could always use good old apache + mod_wsgi to serve your wsgi app.

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The gevent.wsgi module does not have built-in SSL support. If you're using it, put it behind nginx which would receive request over HTTPS but proxy them to your gevent app using non-encrypted HTTP.

The gevent.pywsgi module does have built-in SSL support and has a compatible interface. Set the keyfile and certfile arguments to make the server use SSL. Here's an example:

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An updated link of the – auny Dec 6 '13 at 14:55

I would let the http server deal with the ssl transport.

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