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I've created an editable div, and I want to replace smiley signs with smiley images.

But whenever I replace a string with a dom element (<img> or <span> or whatever..), the div stops being editable (i.e. I can see the caret when I click on text, but can add no characters to it).

What's going on? (I'm doing this in Safari)

Here's my code:

var txtInput = document.getElementById("asdf");
txtInput.contentEditable = true;
txtInput.addEventListener("textInput", function(event){
    var str = txtInput.innerHTML;
    txtInput.innerHTML = str.replace("f", "<span>w<span>"); 
}, false);
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1 Answer

I think you should be using execCommand with inserthtml or insertimage, though I can't get either of them to work myself at the moment.

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