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Background: I need to get updated data for all of my users. The data resides on a secure site so the script needs to login (using cookies) Traverses some inner URLs and then fetch the required data.

Tools: WWW::Mechanize or Curl

What is the best tool for my needs? Performance is a big issue I need to get the updated data as fast as possible due to the reason that I need to get updated data to lots of users.

Is it possible to fire up multiple requests using the WWW::Mechanize library?


I got it running using Curl. But I was thinking that I could speed it up using Mechanize. Which library performs better regarding HTTP req? Are there any statistics? Right now i am using Curl with the multi interface.

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WWW::Mechanize is a perl module. Therefore you can use all power of the language with it, e.g. fork multiple processes.

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