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given the html:

    <span class="a">a
      <span class="b">b</span>

Is it possible to just select the first span and not it's children?

Calling $('div span.a').text() prints the 'b' in the child node as well as the 'a'

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var span1 = $("span.a").clone();
var text = $(span1).text();
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You probably would be better off writing better structured html like:

    <span class="c">
      <span class="a">a</span>
      <span class="b">b</span>

But you could do this:

var text = $('div span.a').clone().find('*').remove().end().text();
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It's also worth adding a .trim() after the .text(), depending on how what you're passing it do deals with whitespace. Just ran into this myself and thought I'd mention it. –  Wakeuphate May 25 '12 at 10:22

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