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I have a question for a Javascript regex ninja: How could I simplify my variable creation from a string using regex grouping? I currently have it working without using any grouping, but I would love to see a better way!

The string is:

var url = 'resources/css/main.css?detect=#information{width:300px;}';

The code that works is:

var styleStr = /[^=]+$/.exec(url).toString();
var id = /[^\#][^\{]+/.exec(styleStr).toString();
var property = /[^\{]+/.exec(/[^\#\w][^\:]+/.exec(styleStr)).toString();
var value = /[^\:]+/.exec(/[^\#\w\{][^\:]+[^\;\}]/.exec(styleStr)).toString();

This gives:

alert(id)       //information
alert(property) //width
alert(value)    //300px

Any takers?

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In fact, the grammar of CSS selectors is a little more complex. (See – Gumbo May 18 '10 at 15:59
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var url = 'resources/css/main.css?detect=#information{width:300px;}';
var matches = url.match(/#([^{]+){([^:]+):([^;]+)/);
var id = matches[1];
var property = matches[2];
var value = matches[3];
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Boy you guys are fast! That is it perfectly, thanks! – mummybot May 18 '10 at 16:33

Group "type":   information     31      11
Group "property":   width       43       5
Group "value":  300px

[Jay loves regexbuddy]


result = subject.match(/#([\s\S]+)\{([\s\S]*?):([\s\S]*?);/ig);
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