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In CakePHP 1.2, custom inflector rules could be defined in a file app/config/inflections.php. This file was removed in CakePHP 1.3. Instead, the documentation prescribes using the Inflector::rules function to load custom inflections.

There's adequate documentation of how to define the custom inflections themselves, but the documentation gives no context—where to use Inflector::rules.

Should any custom inflections be defined in the bootstrap.php script? At the top of applicable corresponding controllers? Somewhere else?

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The best place is at your bootstrap.php:

Inflector::rules('transliteration', array('/à|á|å|â|ã/' => 'a'));
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Care to elaborate why bootstrap.php is more appropriate than the other options I suggested? –  Daniel Wright May 19 '10 at 19:02


Line 45

As of 1.3, additional rules for the inflector are added below

Says it all really.

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