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I need to be able to send text from the clipboard to an application I'm writing (in Objective-C) via AppleScript. Obviously I need to make my application scriptable (I'm currently reading the Apple Docs about this) but is this possible/easy-to-implement?

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If you need your app to retrieve data from the clipboard, you should use the NSPasteboard class.

Why do you think you need to use AppleScript?

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I am trying to implement voice control for my app. I say a command word that is recognised by MacSpeech Dictate. This command launches a small app (app 1) that simply has a text field in it. I then speak the text I want sent to app 2. When I say the command "execute", I want MacSpeech to cut the text in app 1's text field and send it to an NSString object in app 2. –  Garry May 18 '10 at 18:31
The reason I don't speak directly into app 2 is because app 2 doesn't have any form of GUI. –  Garry May 18 '10 at 18:32
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On the AppleScript side you can use the command set the clipboard to to put data on the clipboard. See the AppleScript Language Guide.

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