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I would like to be able to upload a vcard and have it parsed into my application's Model.

I am thinking that Paperclip would be a way to upload, but I have no idea how to do the parse.

I did a search on google, the only library that seems related is vpim, with mixed commentary.

Wanted to see what brilliant ideas might be out there to solve this...thanks.

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vpim is a helpful gem for making and importing vCards here is how to use this...

gem 'vpim', '~> 13.11.11' #include this in your gemfile

in your controller decode vcard

@vcard = Vpim::Vcard.decode(params[:import_file].read)

@contact.title = @vcard.title
@contact.email = @vcard.email
@contact.first_name = @vcard.name.given
@contact.last_name = @vcard.name.family
@contact.phone = @vcard.telephones[0]
@contact.fax = @vcard.telephones[1]
@contact.address.street1 = @vcard.address.street
@contact.address.city = @vcard.address.locality
@contact.address.state = @vcard.address.region
@contact.address.zip = @vcard.address.postalcode
@contact.company_name = @vcard.org.fetch(0)

Another gem u could use is vcardigan

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Thanks, that's helpful. –  Angela Aug 13 at 2:38
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solved it using vpim

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Would you mind explaining how? –  swilliams Mar 2 '11 at 20:21
I used the module vpmi...check it out...and then used the methods fort . contac attribute (e.g contact name and so forth).....prolly not the most elegant but it works...great for vcards. –  Angela Mar 6 '11 at 23:23
can u share your code how u achieved it.... i am having pretty hard time parsing the vCard. –  Arvind Mehra Jun 2 at 18:21
I uploaded a gem called vpim and it then creates a set of methods. I don't have the code anymore since I changed projects. –  Angela Aug 13 at 2:38

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