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I am trying to remove an element from a div on a third party website.

Such as

<div id="full_size_photo">
  <img src="img1">
  <img src="img2">

var imageDiv  = document.getElementById("full_size_photo");

imageDiv apparently has 5 children? :S When i is 1 img1 is removed properly. When i remove 3 and 4 img2 is removed...

Would someone be able to explain why this is?

As far as I understand I thought the first img tag would be 0 and the second would be 1?

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Whitespace stretches are textNode instances

Annotated example:

<div id="full_size_photo">[node 1 --
--]<img src="img1">[node 3 --
--]<img src="img2">[node 5 --

Here's what you really want to do:

var div = document.getElementById("full_size_photo");
var images = div.getElementsByTagName("img");

Hope this helps!

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You could also use the nodeType property to detect if it is an element or a text node. See w3schools.com/dom/prop_node_firstchild.asp for more info. –  Greg Bray May 18 '10 at 18:25
Your code makes a lot more sense and you have also explained my problems quite clearly. Thank you very much. –  John O'Fish May 18 '10 at 18:33

Most likely, the text nodes between the img nodes are what is tripping you up. Try something like this:

var imgList = imageDiv.getElementsByTagName('img');
for (var i = imgList.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

Two things to note here:

  • We are just searching through the children that are img nodes, not all children
  • We are looping through backwards, since we are removing nodes (otherwise, after removing node 1, we would increment the index to 2, but the node that was previously in position 2 would now be in position 1, so it would be skipped).
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