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I apologize for yet another question.

I have the following package structure:


In the top-level I define: USER='me'. If I import contrib from the command line, then I can access contrib.USER.

Now, I want to access contrib.user from withih but I cannot do it.

The top-level is called when I issue from contrib.database import connection, so Python is really creating the parameter USER.

So the question is: how to you access the parameters and variables declared in the top-level from within the children.

Thank you.


I realize that you can add import contrib to, but it seems repetitive, as it is obvious (incorrectly so?) that if you need you already imported contrib.

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Adding import contrib to is the way to go. Yes, the contrib module is already imported (you can find out from sys.modules). The problem is there is no reference to the module from your code in Doing another import will give you the reference. You do not need to worry about additional loading time because the module is already loaded.

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In theory, you could grab it out of sys.modules, since you know it's there, but I would strongly advise against doing that. Wai Yip Tung's answer is much better. – Kevin Jan 16 '15 at 22:55

You need to import contrib in connection. Either use a relative import (..contrib) or an absolute import.

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