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I'm trying to set the width of the style for a group of < dt > elements in a Zend_Form. Is there a way to set a class for a dt element, so the end result would be something like this:

     <dt id="name-label" class="xyz" > // trying to add the 'class="xyz"
        <label class="required" for="name">Name:</label>

    <dd id="name-element">
        <input type="text" maxlength="255" size="30" value="" id="name" name="name">
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Try something like this:

<form id='ID_FOR_FORM' method="post" action="">
            <dt><label for="your-name">Your Name:</label></dt>
            <dd><input type="text" size="40" id="your-name" value="" name="your-name" /></dd>
            <dd><input type="submit" type='button' value="Send" /></dd>

Then in your css you dont need any classes or id for child elements of that form, you can simply go something like this for that dt:

form#ID_FOR_FORM ul li dt{

That is how i like to work with css, make good markup, and then i dont need classes or id's, just do what i did in this example. :)

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hi, that still does not help me. that is how i am currently setting the width of the dt elements in the entire form. however in a certain sub-section of the form, i need a different width. hence, my original question on how to set the style for a group of dt elements, not the entire form. Thanks for your answer though, but it does not solve the problem. – Mallika Iyer May 19 '10 at 14:24
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I finally found the solution - i needed to wrap the dt,dd elements in a < dl > tag and set the class of the < dl > tag. then i set the css for the < dt > elements through the < dl > class, like so:

Sample element:

        $question = new Zend_Form_Element_TextArea('question'.$i);
        $question->setLabel('Question '.$i.':')
             ->setAttrib('rows', 10)->setAttrib('cols', 40)->setAttrib('class', 'richtexteditor')
             ->addDecorator('HtmlTag', array('tag' =>  'dd','id'=> 'question'.$i.'-element',
             ->addDecorator(array('dlTag'=>'HtmlTag'), array('tag' =>  'dl','class'=> 'xyz')) //added this line
             ->addDecorator('Errors', array('class'=>'custom-errors'))

Then, i added the following to my css file:

        margin: 0;
.xyz dt {
    padding-left: 0px;
    margin-left: -15px;


this achieves what i was aiming for all along - modifying certain dt elements' style while retaining a general/default < dt >style for the entire form.

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