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Can I put together both C# and C++/CLI source files in a single project, and then compile them to obtain a single .DLL assembly?

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In theory they're both converted to MSIL, it should be possible but i'm unsure how you would go about it. –  Aren May 18 '10 at 20:47

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You can obtain single DLL from code both in c++/cli and c# using command line tools. Let's assume you have two files: with C++/CLI code and B.cs with C# code. It should look something like this:

  • First compile c++ code into .obj file cl.exe /MD /c /clr
  • Compile c# code into "module" adding previously created .obj with /addmodule switch: csc.exe /target:module /addmodule:A.obj B.cs
  • Then link the module into single DLL: link.exe /DLL /LTCG /NOENTRY /CLRIMAGETYPE:IJW A.obj B.netmodule

I haven't tested it but it should work.

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